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25 Years experience in gas process

Knowledge :

Working relationship with most of the gas companies since 1985. Through this experience, PLC&

PROCESS provides  electrical, software and design works for gas filling plants. Our main job is to

include operator knowledge in automatic systems at the best price.

Flexibility and performance :

PLC & PROCESS's strategy is to work with local partner companies for full flexibility. We design

our products, develop our software, provide training and start on site when necessary. We

propose maintenance contracts to follow and update our products and avoid any failure.

Partners :

The choice of material and partner is very important for us because it's a long

term warranty for customers.

Safety :

Pressure up to 420b, temperature from -200°C up to 150°C, oxygen, hydrogen,

acetylene, and other dangerous components are managed every day by our systems.

All designs include safety treatment to reduce the risk for operators